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The Guild,

our cherished brotherhood where your voice and actions hold immense power.


Join over 3.000+ other members and become an essential part of the project, gaining access to exclusive privileges.

  • Participate in community events

  • Stay updated with devlogs and emails

  • Receive the Guild Member Discord role and access the guild channel with exclusive news

  • Earn loyalty points, redeemable for merchandise

Guild Nobles

Guild Grand Knights

K_S | PreLan | ERB0L | Pugnobon

Guild Knights

Aramiel | Borka11 | CombatBunee | Cookie

 Deadweight | Eadrik | Envesy | Ezekiel | Clickz | Guitar

Leonizard | MadPrims | Noiratblack | pmx | rrc | Soda

 Tartalapatate | That one Weeb in the corner


Guild Patrons

Guild Grand Patrons

Guild Patrons


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