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the Brothers

We are Nicolas and Alexander Paul. Growing up in Austria in the 90s, we spent most of our childhood and youth on the ice. In addition to playing ice hockey, we also dedicated our free time to collectible cards and board games, as well as all kinds of computer and console games.
Fantasy, in particular, was a constant during those years, and we still share a great passion for it, which is why we decided to put our long-standing experience to good use by turning our hobby into a career. 
Back in 2018, we founded the company named Paul Brothers GmbH.


Now we are not only brothers who share the passion for gaming – we also own an independent company, which is totally under our control





How big is our company ?

It is us brothers and Nicole, who work more than full time for the company.


In addition, we have some people behind the scenes who are supporting us regularly. None of us is getting any wage. 

Let´s not forget our great artists who are not only part of our team, but also play a very important part in our future successes.

Timi Honkanen 
Dasha Kudrina
Cynthia F.G. 
Luka Brico 

We are working hard – because we believe in our philosophy and our products.


We decide &

we do what

we think is best

With the founding of our company a dream came true. We were able to build something based our own corporate philosophy. We wanted to build something, where respect, honesty and transparency are the order of the day. 

Besides our own corporate philosophy – we want to create unique products, where quality is our top priority. We come from a generation of players who grew up with long-lasting games with great attention to detail - games that have shaped us. And that's exactly the kind of games we want to develop.


We are doing that based on our own experience and the feedback of the only group of people, whom we are accountable to:


 The GoL-Guild 


What is our vision ?

To build a franchise

We consider “A glimpse of Luna” as a franchise. Based on our fantasy world “Lyboria” we want to create multiple products that add value to people’s life in different ways. The tactical battle card game will be the first product we show the world.


To simply create great games

We just want to create new and exciting games which people get to play on a long-term basis. We feel that the current market is standing still and that a lot of companies are focusing on the same titles over and over again. We want to combine proven concepts with fresh ideas. 


To build a great community

We want to build a great community, where people share the love for gaming, fantasy and of course “A glimpse of Luna”.

How can you support us ?

Buy and use our products 

Spread the word

Stay active in our community

Roadmap 2020/2021

Alpha-Version of the TBCG (Dec. 2020)

Merchandise (Mar. 2021 / Apr. 2021)

Open-Beta Version of the TBCG (Q3 2021)

Physical Version of the TBCG (2021/2022)

Graphic Novels (2022)


Plans for the Tactical Battle Card GAme

New Races

All races are defined.


New Cards & Skins

We are constantly working on new cards and new skins.


Reward System

We have a finished concept for the final reward system, which will be very special and of course player-friendly.


Ranking System & Competitive Scene

We have a finished concept for our final ranking system. Furthermore, we have things planned for our competitive scene that will be unique in this scene.


Multiple Game-Modes

Due to the way our game was created, we are able to implement multiple new game-modes. We can give you a little sneak-peak, on what would be possible:


  • 2 vs 2

  • King of the Hill

  • Capture the Flag

  • Kill the King

  • Zombie Mode

  • Etc.

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